How to submit Marriage Biodata

How to Submit Biodata

This Article Explains how to submit biodata.

For submitting biodata, Scroll down to bottom of page and click on Register link, if you already registered

and approved user, you can skip this step and directory proceed to login.



When you click on Register, this is the screen it looks like. here you register yourself. Once you fill the

form, it will send for approval process. Only approved users can login and submit or view biodata.





Once We approve your application, you will get an email in your inbox stating you are approved.

Once you approved you will be Able to login. Notable is once you approved, your profile will start to

showing in user directory too.  So proceed to login.




Once you login, click on Submit biodata from footer.



and you will be able to add biodata here, which will then sent to approval process which usually is 24 hours

and then it will be live soon in biodata directory. Thats it.






So thats how you can submit biodata and register yourself. if you face any problem using any step of this

process or any part of this site Please write to us from here.